Thursday, April 1, 2010

rrrrrroad trip

we drove to houston yesterday.  we love to take any opportunity possible to see family, and this weekend we both have time off from work and school. so we drove… all eight hours. i decided to take a picture for every hour. you can tell that i became more and more delirious as time went on.

2:30 pm- just about to leave, james being a dork


 3:30 pm- he was snoring


4:30 pm- he finally woke up, now i can rock out to la musica

IMG_2288 5:30 pm-the delirium is starting

IMG_2289 6:30 pm- getting sick of driving, time to switch

IMG_2290 7:30 pm- that’s better, james only closed his eyes for the split second that the flash went off

IMG_2294 8:30 pm- i wanted to be cool and close my eyes too

IMG_2295 9:30 pm- full on delirium


we made it safe and sound and are enjoying our weekend!


Erica said...

I want your sweet glasses!!

Ness said...

hahahahahahaha the last picture made me giggle!!

rushton family archives said...

I agree.

The last picture rocks.