Wednesday, April 14, 2010

james thinks i’m funny

one of our many goals in life is to not laugh at each other. i don’t know why we do this, but it makes those times when we actually do laugh that much funnier. we also use the comedic rule of three. you’ve never heard of this?? well, you’re welcome, i may have just changed your life. i was on a role yesterday. we were driving in the car and listening to the new weezer album (which by the way is totally awesome). we were stopped at a light and i decided that i wanted to make james laugh. so i commenced raising the roof like a total dork. he didn’t laugh at first, obviously, so i just kept going. i knew that he would laugh if i did it long enough. with each passing second my moves got a little more rhythm-less and my face got a little bit uglier. success.

then the rapping started (what? rap in a weezer song, preposterous!) and i (of course) rapped all the words like a pro. i even got the gangsta hand movements down to a science. i wasn’t even trying to make james laugh, but i guess i am just so naturally hilarious.

comedic rule of three: do or say anything three times = laughter. really, try it.


Lydee said...

I know for a fact that the comedic rule of three works! haha I love you two A LOT!

Ruth said...

wow - you are so wise. where do you get this stuff???? lub you both!