Tuesday, December 15, 2009

you know james is out of town when

i make a whole video about my day. enjoy.

home alone from Mary McAllister on Vimeo.

the awesome tunes are from The Killers


Lydee said...

vaccuming with the camera in hand is my favorite part! :) haha You have too much time without James there with you.

rushton family archives said...

mary that is so freakin' awesome!! how did you do that?!

umm, my favorite part is when you're singing in the car.

rushton family archives said...

ok, nevermind.

i just watched it again and the dancing part is my favorite.

Brooke said...

That's most hilarious, I particularly like the singing and dancing...though the makeup application was amazing! :) You are extremely awesome - I am not worthy!

Ness said...

Hey Mary! My its been along time! Love the video! So funny!