Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's a good thing you are so worth it

I love the eating delicious food part of Thanksgiving. The preparing is a different story. Last year James was at home to clean the turkey and get all the junk out of the inside. (What would I do without a boy around?) This year I didn't get so lucky. I never knew that maneuvering a wet seventeen pound turkey could be so difficult.

I was looking at the beast and telling myself that it will just take a minute, and I could scrub my hands and arms down with antibacterial soap as soon as I was done:
all up in that turkey's business:
Also, do you see that little bump under my eye? I was leaning over in my closet to hang some of my clothes on the lower shelf when my face collided with my vaccuum cleaner handle. I yelled like a man while I clenched my fists and I didn't even cuss (out loud). I laughed at my deep-voice yelling and tight fistedness afterwards.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Katy said...

Woooo-you are all up in that Turkey's business! I confess I've never done that job! Hope it really was worth it! :)ww

rushton family archives said...

yes. totally worth it. the turkey was DELISH.

Laurel said...

Carli told me about the vacuum cleaner. That is so funny.