Thursday, October 20, 2011

stubborn little baby.
















this guy has filled my life with more joy than i have ever known. he is one week away from being 10 months old. i can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! here are some things that i want to remember:

he crawls. he says “dada” and “baba”. he hates wearing hats. (i pretty much hold this hat on his head until he gets distracted with something else and forgets about the hat). he still loves his cribby crib. he is about to get some major teeth-age on top. his poor little gums are so swollen. he decided he is done with nursing. (his mom has been mourning this loss for the past five days, but she’s doing okay now). he sleeps all night long. he is too “skinny” according to his doctor. we’ve gotta fatten this boy up. he loves babies and other little people. he loves to lay on a blanket outside in our backyard and crawl around the perimeter feeling the grass and leaves. he loves looking at airplanes. every time he hears our neighbors’ dogs barking he stops what he’s doing and tries to find them. he is the happiest baby and i adore him.


Laurel said...

sure is a cute stubborn baby!!!