Sunday, March 28, 2010

so busy/when i have a free moment i want to do nothing except watch tv.

school is absolutely overwhelming. i just need to keep reminding myself that it is almost done. yeehaw!

buying/building a house is stressful. i just need to keep reminding myself that it is almost done. yeehaw!

i am so busy with school, (but i do manage to find time to watch the many shows that i DVR throughout the week. when i think back on the many wasted hours of me sitting in front of the tv, i think “how in the crap do i get anything done for school?!” but somehow i manage, and have been managing for the past year and a half. i must be doing something right. i think i am a television-aholic. do they have a rehab for that sort of thing?)

okay it seems it is just during the week that i am busy with school stuff. i guess i subconsciously don’t allow myself to think about school during the weekends. my brain is wicked awesome.

i also manage to squeeze in a trip out the house (in between shows of course) almost every day. i went out there yesterday. they started staining our cabinets. they are very purple-y. i am a tiny bit nervous about them.

















random: the other day james and i were at goodwill looking for a gem and as we were walking in we were holding hands. when we got closer to the door james let go of my hand. a few strides later i reached for his hand and he told me he didn’t want to hold hands. he said that in places like goodwill and walmart that he doesn’t like to hold hands because “it is weird”. oh jamesey, you boggle my (wicked awesome) mind. it’s a good thing i love you because you are kind of a weirdo.


rushton family archives said...

i see nothing wrong with purple.