Saturday, February 13, 2010

so very busy.


as you can tell from the title, i have been so busy. i have had school every day, all day this week including two twelve hour clinicals at the CCU. i started out having clinicals at the ER and i absolutely loved it, but then after two weeks i got moved to a different hospital. so i had to start all over with getting to know people, getting to know my way around, getting used to all the alarms and (ahem) other sounds (and smells) at the CCU. after my first shift as soon as i got in the car to drive home, i started bawling. i was pissed that i got moved to a different unit, and i was just overwhelmed by everything.

i need to remember to just take it one day at a time. especially right now when i am so busy that i can’t even participate in an occasional ladies’ night with one of my favorite peeps.

the picture of me is of that first day when i got home from the CCU. red, splotchy face, frizzy hair, and no smile.

i’m lucky to have such a fantastic hubs who supports and loves me even when i cry over everything and snap at him for anything. thanks little guy. needless to say, the next day was a better day.


Preston said...

Maybe we should take a tally to see how many of your blog post involve you crying? Any guess?

James and Mary said...

rude. that is my life right now. crying and eating... all the time. so what?