Friday, January 29, 2010

so busy.

The last semester of nursing school is really hard. I am only two weeks into it and I am already so overwhelmed by all the work. Yesterday I had a twelve hour clinical in the ER. When I got to the hospital it was absolutely pouring down rain. I had to practically swim across the parking lot. So when I got inside I was soaked. My shoes (and socks) stayed at a nice squishy consistency for the full twelve hours that I was there. Sweet. And I missed lunch. The cafeteria closes at one and nobody told me. I have clinicals at a new hospital that I have never had clinicals at before, so there was no way of me knowing that lunch was no longer available after one o’clock. I got mad at my nurse preceptor (probably not the best idea) for not telling me. So I grabbed my snack of a granola bar and an orange and I got to the lobby to sit down and eat before I burst into tears. Food is important to me people. Especially when I have squishy shoes and am working a twelve hour shift in an ER where I feel like I’m just in everybody’s way. I talked myself down from my near emotional breakdown by saying things in my mind like “this is so not a big deal” and “he didn’t notice that you were about to cry, he was too busy flirting with that cute PA”. I didn’t cry. Wow was I proud of myself.

So today I took the day off from all things school. I feel refreshed and am ready to start again with the madness on Monday.


McAllister said...

Mary I have had my fair share of those days, only I usually can't stop the tears. My whole day consists of a blotchy chest and smudged mascara, and why is it when people ask you if your okay it only makes it worse? Plus being hungry on top of that. Ughhh!
I am glad you took the day off.

Way to go with nursing school! Your so close to graduation!

Ruth said...

Oh no, my precious baby. I am proud of you - STIFF UPPER LIP!!! You are doing so well. You will learn your way around soon and feel more comfortable, probably even HELPFUL. They will feel lucky to have you there. HANG IN THERE!!! LUVS U TONS.